We understand you can choose where to seek your health care. In fact, we are very pleased that you have a choice, because we strive to be a place you choose to return to and recommend confidently to people you know.

We have taken care of all the simple things: a great location, beautiful offices, knowledgeable staff and complete care. Where we go above and beyond the typical facility, however, is what really matters. We answer your phone calls. We call you back. We take care of requests, schedule appointments, respond to deadlines, write letters, return emails, communicate with parents and teachers, meet with families, advocate with schools and employers, correspond with physicians, and adapt to your changing circumstances. Most importantly, we do all of these things professionally, courteously, and promptly.

Perhaps what makes us unique among medical offices is our commitment to customer service. Not only do we want you to receive the highest quality evaluation and treatment, we want you to feel good about the process. Our primary goal is to improve your quality of life in a way that you and others can easily recognize. We want you to achieve measureable goals, feel better and more productive, and become more confident in your abilities as you realize success.

ADHD Boston provides the most informed, comprehensive and personalized education, information and treatment for patients and their families. Our experts are responsive, thoughtful, and genuinely care about each client. Our offices are accessible, bright and warmly designed. We strive for excellence in our advice and working environment.
— Dr. Bergersen

By getting to know you through conversations, neuropsychological testing, Quotient Diagnostics, and even genetic testing, we are able to make recommendations specifically for you. You may benefit from ADD coaching, medication treatment, or cognitive behavioral therapy. Changes in your lifestyle, including exercise, improved sleep habits and a modified diet may boost your performance to a higher level. Adding structure to your day through prioritizing, organizing and limiting seemingly infinite choices may streamline your productivity.

We can make a plan that works for you. All you have to do is take the first step, and we’ll show you the way. It will be the best investment you ever make.

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