We treat each person with whom we have contact as an individual and recognize that each set of circumstances is unique.

We listen, question, encourage and advise.

When you first call ADHD Boston, you’ll speak with Llerendel Gripeos, our practice's Office Manager. She will first make sure she understands your needs, ask some required questions, and schedule an appointment for you to meet with the appropriate team member. She will advise you to download and complete our Initial Consultation Forms, available on the website, prior to your visit.


At your first meeting with one of our doctors, you’ll have a more extensive interview process which will involve gathering history, identifying symptoms and traits, clarifying challenges and strengths, and the formulation of a preliminary diagnosis. With this information, we can make recommendations for additional evaluation or first steps for treatment. We will discuss these options with you, taking your personal circumstances, goals and time parameters into account. We work with you to design a practical, realistic and effective plan, which can then be used to maximize your chance of achieving your goals within a reasonable amount of time.