A Neuropsychological evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of intellectual, behavioral, and emotional functioning. The evaluation process begins with an in-depth interview regarding developmental, educational, medical, and social history.  Based on the presenting problem, batteries of tests are selected in order to answer questions pertaining to the client’s individual needs. All measures are administered by Ph.D. level psychologists onsite at ADHD Boston.  Neuropsychological testing can greatly enhance diagnosis, treatment selection, and educational planning.

Various Neuropsychological tests are used to measure:

  • Intelligence

  • Problem solving and conceptualization

  • Planning and organizing

  • Attention, memory and learning

  • Language

  • Academic skills

  • Perceptual and motor abilities

  • Emotions, behavior and personality

The standard neuropsychological evaluation takes 5 - 6 hours and is usually conducted in one day.  The testing day includes a lunch break, and as many other breaks as the client requests and/or requires.  The testing report, which takes several weeks to write, will help confirm or clarify diagnosis, identify strengths and weaknesses, document changes in intellectual functioning, provide recommendations and may indicate referral to specialists in education, neurology, psychiatry or psychotherapy.