Knowing ADHD is important because it allows us to offer more effective suggestions and help people get the most out their lives. It is also what sets ADHD Boston apart from the rest.


Thor Bergersen, M.D. is a graduate of the University of Vermont and University of Vermont College of Medicine. He completed residency training in adult psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and University of Vermont College of Medicine, where he was part of a research group investigating the genetics and medication treatment of childhood psychiatric disorders. He served as Medical Director for a multi-clinic outpatient mental health system in eastern Massachusetts prior to founding ADHD Boston in 2004.

My mission is to inform, advise, and optimize quality of life for people of all ages with ADHD. I have spent well over 10,000 hours meeting with clients who struggle with distraction, procrastination, and disorganization. The amazing positive changes I have witnessed over the years continue to inspire me, and I feel very fortunate to have met with and learned from so many intelligent, creative, and interesting people.

I absolutely love specializing in ADHD. No other diagnosis is as diverse, complex and fascinating. The degree to which an ADHD individual’s life can change for the better is astronomical, and it has been my privilege to witness and help this change to occur countless times.

ADHD Boston provides the most informed, comprehensive and personalized education, information and treatment for patients and their families. Our experts are responsive, thoughtful, and genuinely care about each client. Our offices are accessible, bright and warmly designed. We strive for excellence in our advice and working environment.
— Dr. Bergersen


Catherine Birgeneau, Ph.D. is a graduate of Yale University and University of Massachusetts/Boston. She completed a clinical internship at Harvard Medical School in the Massachusetts Mental Health Center and Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital combined internship. After receiving her doctorate, she completed a post-doctoral fellowship in psychoeducational and neuropsychological testing. She has taught classes in the Psychology Department and Women’s Studies department at UMass Boston and Wheelock College. Catherine is experienced in psychoeducational consulting, individual and group therapy with adult and adolescents, and neuropsychological assessments.

Dania Gaffin, Ph.D. completed her education and training at Cornell University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and the Yale University Child Study Center, where she completed an intensive pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral fellowship specializing in the evaluation and treatment of young children. Dr. Gaffin has also had extensive training and experience with conducting neuropsychological evaluations of elementary school-age children and adolescents. Her other areas of interest and expertise include the assessment and therapeutic treatment of learning disabilities, ADHD, learning and memory, and social-emotional difficulties in children and adolescents. Dr. Gaffin evaluates children and adolescents between the ages of 0 and 19.

Andre Perreault, LMHC is a licensed mental health clinician with Master's degrees in counseling psychology and pastoral ministry completed at Boston College. He specializes in couples counseling and has extensive experience as a couples and family counselor in private practice, as well as community mental health settings. He utilizes Emotional Focused Treatment and Inter-Personal Therapy in a direct, though gentle, approach helping both men and women achieve better self-awareness, and a greater capacity for intimacy and fulfillment. He helps couples understand the patterns they're in and helps them improve their relationships, build confidence, find a sense of security, assert themselves with love and skill, and develop more effective interpersonal skills. Andre's areas of clinical interest and expertise are relationship and marriage work, gender dynamics in relationships, men's issues, anxiety, and trauma and recovery work.

Julia E. Volynskaya, LICSW is a licensed social worker and certified health service provider who received her Bachelor's Degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Cornell University and her Master's Degree in Social Work from Boston College. Julia integrates approaches from psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral therapies, as well as solution focused therapy to support children, adults and couples challenged by ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome, mood and anxiety disorders, anger management, self-esteem issues, stress tolerance and relationship issues. She has over 11 years of experience working with children and families, conducting individual and family counseling to achieve positive results. She is bi-lingual in Russian and can provide counseling in both English and Russian. In addition to her work at ADHD Boston, Julia is a school counselor at Excel Academy Charter School and is a Coordinator of the Jewish Big Brother Big Sisters Program in the Ukraine.